Portland Bagel & Basketball Review

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Films & Readings

The First Basket - This is about basketball & Jewish culture. Top of my watchlist.
The Last Dance - I remember people talking about this series last year but I wasn't in the mood to watch it. I'm excited to see it.
Hot Bagels - "My life's blood! Without bagels, what is a day?" - *****


(All bagels reviewed with plain schmear.)

***** Great
**** Good
*** Okay
** Bad
* Awful

Bernstein's Bagels - Sesame - *****
This is the best, and really maybe the only good, bagel in Portland. I have eaten a lot of bagels here and most of them are boring. Bernstein's reminds me of Tal on the Upper East Side, and I truly couldn't say anything more positive than that.

Spalding TF-250 All Surface Composite (Size 7/29.5") - *****
This is the basketball I own and I think it's great. It bounces well and doesn't get flat ever. I love to play with this ball.

a cartoon bagel spinning a basketball on it's finger